"Welcome To My World"

In 1997, in a period of two weeks nine poems came to me. Three of those poems evolved into En el Silencio, Yoruba and Rumba. En el Silencio is a spoken word ballad about the space between our thoughts where the spirit resides. The first cut En El Silencio has Atlanta hip hop deep bass vibe married with spoken word and Batas. Yoruba is a funky medley of traditional Yoruban chants that evoke the different Yoruban deities. My mom is a Santera and I have fond memories growing up listening to Yoruba music. Rumba is music made with conga drums and/or boxes, born in the docks of Havana and Matanzas. In a new take on Rumba, I add spoken word with tablas, bass and batas to this traditional rhythm. On Caravan, I fuse Middle Eastern influences with Cuban, Spanish and African elements. Welcome to My World uses the bebop structure of a head over changes combined with Timba and a little French accordion flavor. Grab It is a funky 21 st century Cha Cha about embracing life. Mojito is a recipe for fun. If you spend any time around me you will often hear me say "Coolness." Here I say it with Vibes. Find Me is a bluesy sultry groove about someone being there for you unconditionally. Chango is the God of Thunder or Force. Felipe Garcia is a master batalero. On Chango, I married his vocals with batas, bass and Rhodes. NYZ is a musical conversation in New York, based on a blues progression featuring a bebop inspired head with a Cuban rhythmic drive. On NYZ, I continued what I started doing in Cuban Jazz Funk, which was to displace the beat occasionally.Organza is a 100 miles per hour vamp. On this recording in Organza I just displace the beat once at the beginning by an eighth note making the vamp funkier. The reason I decided to call my CD Welcome To My World is I wanted to explore all the different influences in me. I wanted to share my inner world and all the different types of music that resides inside of me. Alafia, Miguel Romero